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Programmer: Kamal Habibi

Curriculum Vitae (CV)


 Tehran, Iran

 +98-2166429689     +98-9355987008



Sex Male | Date of birth 23/08/1979 | Nationality Iranian | Marital Status Single

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  • M.S.,  Information  Technology  and  computer  networks
  • International Campus of Sharif University of Technology, Kish Island. GPA: 17.30 of 20. (www.kish.ac.ir)
  • Thesis: The Approximate Agreement Problems in Distributed Systems.


  1. 13 years of experience in programming langeages:ASP.NET MVC / Core, Blazor, C#.NET, HTML, JavaScript, Jquery, CSS, Bootstrap, Android (Xamarin and Android Studio), Pascal, Borland Delphi, C, C++ and Micro controller 8051.
  2. Simulators: MATLAB, NS2, VISIM, MaxPlus, Proteus, Cisco packet tracer.
  3. Databases: Access, SQL Server.
  4. Software Engineering.
  5. Fuzzy Systems.
  6. Photoshop, Corel Draw.
  7. Good command of Microsoft Office™ tools.
  8. Good communication skills gained through my experience as CEO
  9. Leadership (currently responsible for a team of 10 people)
  10. Electrical wiring of the building
  11. CNC Device
  12. LED Display


  • Teaching at Islamic Azad University of Bookan, Iran  (www.iau-boukan.ac.ir)
  • Teaching at University of Applied Sciences and Technology  (www.uast.ac.ir)
  • Teaching at Payam Noor University  (www.pnu.ac.ir)
  • Teacher Assistant (Data Base, Data and Network Security, Modelling and Analysis of Computer Networks and Software Engineering)
  • CEO - Zero & One company, Bookan, Iran
  • ISP, WAN, LAN and WLAN (Implementation of Wireless Network based in WDS)
  • Technical Supports, User Supports
  • System Installations, Maintenance and Troubleshooting, System Administration
  • Active Directory, Network Security, VPN, Firewall


  • Member of the Young Researchers and Elite Club (www.bpj.ir)
  • Iranian Academic Centre for Education, Culture and Research (IACECR), Bookan, Iran.
  • Ranked Fifth (5th) in my bachelor, Software Engineering.
  • Iranian  Academic  Centre  for  Education,  Culture  and Research (IACECR), Bookan, Iran
  • Technical & Vocational Training Organization. Bookan, Iran
  • Technical & Vocational Training Organization. Bookan, Iran



  • Kamal Habibi, Behnam Zebardast , Nazanin Kassaei and Diako Saadi, "Approximate Agreements in  Multi-Agent  Distributed  Systems",  MAGNT  RESEARCH  REPORT,  Vol.3  (1).  PP:  209-218, January 2015.
  • Rahim  Rashidi,  Faroogh  Ashkooti,  Kamal  Habibi  and  Samrand  Sharifi,  “Designing  and simulation of a fuzzy control system for Congestion control in wireless networks”  International Conference on Intelligent Network and Computing, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,  November 2010.
  • Rahim  Rashidi,  Faroogh  Ashkooti,  Saeid  yousefpour  and  Kamal  Habibi,  “Congestion  control based Routing in Ad-hoc Wireless Network” International Conference on Intelligent Network and Computing, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,  November 2010.
  • Rahim Rashidi, Behnam Zebardast, Kamal Habibi, Diako Saadi, “Increasing program's readability using INFC protocol”, Journal of Scientific Research and Development 2 (4).PP: 95-99, 2015.
  • Mohammad Masdari, Behnam Zebardast, Kamal Habibi, Diako Saadi, “Review and Evaluation of the Information Security Threats in the World Network of Internet”, MAGNT RESEARCH REPORT, Vol.3 (3). PP: 678-685, March 21, 2015.


  • Fluent in Persian and Kurdish languages.
  • English (IELTS - 2017)- Overall 5.5

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